Aria – Eagle St Pier

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last few months…had our finals. Anyway, this blog is written in retrospect so I’m a bit hazy on the details. Hopefully the photos will compensate for the lack of written detail. Hope you enjoy xo

After many guest appearances on Masterchef flaunting his signature duck recipes, lemon tarts and gnocchi, I had butterflies as we graced into his renowned restaurant on Eagle St Pier, Aria.

The four of us were kindly received and whisked to our reserved table. After introducing the menu specials and full chilled glasses of water, we made our important decisions for the night.

To start the night, we had fresh Oysters, Pork Terrine and Moreton Bay Bugs. The Pork Terraine was a neat medallion wrapped in Proscutto with ribbons of Fennel and dainty purple violets, with soft mousse contrasted with the crispbreads. The perfectly shelled and juicy Moreton Bay were accompanied with an equally well rounded avocado and smoky roasted cuts of pork.




We had some beautiful salads to go with our mains – Red Cabbage, Goats Cheese and Red Onion; and Fresh Salad Leaves.

For mains, we ordered the Duck, Salmon, Beef Eye Fillet and Gnocchi.



I was most impressed with the delicately plated desserts – Banoffee Tart and Black Forrest Cheesecake.



Overall a wonderfully classy and praise-worthy ensemble from Aria.


:) PS More to come following my Melbourne and Sydney trip !

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