Another love child of mine is the French restaurant, Piaf. Red Macaron brought me here on our second anniversary so it does hold a special space in my heart.

We chose to dine outside and as we were enjoying the beautiful Southbank evening our entrée appeared before us: Escargot. Each one fitting snugly in the tray’s round indentations and each one beautifully soft with the added creaminess of butter and garlic.

For the mains, Red Macaron ordered the Duck Confit – a plump leg of duck, glazed and glistening with juices served with a potato gratin.


My dish was the Market Fish – a thick Barramundi fillet with a crackling skin and moist soft belly balanced on a sweet and salty heirloom carrot mash.


To finish, Red Macaron had the Chocolate Petit Four with a Chocolate Sorbet; and I the Vanilla Panacotta with Berry Puree and Praline Crumble – smooth and rich with a sexy wobble and the crunchy bites of praline.



I loved the food, and as Red Macaron and I drifted into the night, I’ll make sure I retrace my footsteps here again.


Piaf on Urbanspoon


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