The Hub at Varsity

On the corner of Lake Street and Varsity Parade you’ll find tables topped with comic clippings, a ceiling decorated with a dandelion feature light, street art and pots of flowers and sugar. The Hub café has a trendy electric feel with Wednesday Night Trivia, Friday Night Tapas and Live Music Nights.

Every time on passing by there’s a little blackboard tempting me daily specials.

And so one morning Red Macaron and I headed inside.

On order – one Avocado Sunrise and one Mushroom Stack. Both breakfasts were variations on a theme – crusty warm bread with sautéed spinach, poached eggs and drizzled with a creamy tangy sauce. The mushrooms were sautéed nicely and the avocado fresh, but my eyes and mouth were after something more.



I’d ventured here for lunch with a Banana once and dinner with the girls as well; and on both occasions, the food was generous and hearty.

A café with a fun atmosphere, and smiling staff, but with a menu that’s always changing and improving, I’m sure there’ more to look forward to.

The Hub on Urbanspoon


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