The Hardware Societe

After a dawn flight, one cold blue Melbourne morning, Red Macaron and I found ourselves on a treasure hunt. Taking a turn where no signs point, into a sleepy laneway, we found our treasure box brightly lit and warm with coffee – The Hardware Societe.

We sat ourselves down and let our eyes wandered the shelves stocked with teas and cupboard staples, the satisfied breakfasters and the white and yellow walls. Our beverages soon arrived – one Chai Latte and one Cappucino each with a lovely sweet cinnamon bread sitting snugly in a teaspoon.


Red Macaron ordered the Spanish Baked Egg and Chorizo served in a baby rustic pot with a slices of sourdough – hearty and wholesome.


My breakfast was the Bircher Muesli with Stewed Rhubarb and Macademia – gorgeous soft jewels of rhubarb with roasted macadamias on a soft pillow of creamy muesli.


A morning welcome like no other in the beautiful city of Melbourne and before we knew it, we were afoot to discover more.

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