Vintage Espresso


Elk Espresso’s sister, Vintage Espresso adds trend and vibrancy to your morning breakfast. As the name suggests, this little café has beautiful yellow wallpaper, jars of sugar and flowers on each table, collectable chairs and couches and pictures and paintings telling stories of a pastime.


Jelly and I were new to this place and were warmly impressed.


Jelly started her brunch with an Apple, Watermelon and Mint juice – refreshing to the tastebuds and refreshing to the eyes as you watch the pink clouds settle to the top.


We both ordered from the Specials Board. Jelly ordered the Pesto Eggs with Field Mushrooms and Roquette on Sourdough – large earthen field mushrooms resting on a crisp stump of sourdough and bed of sprightly roquette.


I ordered the Smash Feta Avocado on Sourdough topped with Salsa and Eggs. The little eggs snuggled contently beside two colourful sourdough topped with smooth avocado, creamy feta with bursts of juicy tomato, capsicum, corn and chickpeas.


Happy to come here again :)

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