The warm Middle-Eastern atmosphere was well crafted by the stone walls, decorative tagines and spacious open dining area. With much promise from the outset and friends’ recommendations, we seated ourselves at a table.

Starting with a classic entrée of bread and a trio of dips – Persian eggplant, Tunisian carrot and Turkish beetroot. The authentic bread was very appetising and the earthen flavours and spices sang throughout the colourful dips.


Next came the Falafel Pizza – crisp Falafels with the freshness of tomatoes, shallots, cucumber, all doubly drizzled with green Tahina. I was a bit conflicted with this dish because the base seemed pre-made and very tough to slice through. The flavours were also somewhat lacking. I much preferred a freshly baked Pide, warm and generously tucked with spicy fillings.


Dad ordered the Taboon Fish of the Day – fish morsels in a spicy aromatic tomato based sauce with Rice and Yoghurt.


Mum chose the Grilled Chicken Shoofta Plate with Couscous.


Overall, I was disappointed as I do love the tantalising tastes of the Middle-East and especially after having high hopes from a delicious starter, nice atmosphere and previous good reviews.

I’m sure this restaurant has many better aspects I’ve yet to experience, so maybe next time.

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2 thoughts on “Taboon

  1. So sad, was excited to try good Middle Eastern food! Have you been to Mecca Bah in Broadbeach? There’s also one in Brisbane too. I’ve been a couple times previously to the Gold Coast one when it first opened and it was yum, bit pricey, but pretty good.

    Keep the posts coming :) Making me jealous and hungry, but it’s awesome living vicariously!

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