Restaurant Two

The tres chic and classy Restaurant Two looks out over the spacious Botanical Gardens, making for a beautiful scenic escape from the urban monotomy. We were here to treat Mum for a nice birthday dinner :)
We started with an entree of Zucchini Flowers – textural exterior with the crunchy pistachio Dukkah-like bed complemented the soft interior and citrus bite of the orange.
Mum’s gorgeously pink moist Duck with a sweet Mandarin Jus and Steamed Asian Greens.


Dad had the Pork – sweet tender meet with a neat arrangement of block cut vegetables and barley.

I had the Snapper with Pearl Barley – beautifully plated, it reminded me of the painting of Claude Monet’s garden with white and purple lilies of barley, perfect sprigs of herbs with the glimmer of silver fish swimming in the parsley cream lake.
Little brother’s Steak was sweating with juice and a lovely herby creamy potato salad.
We made room for dessert and shared the special meringue – soft white spheres of sweet coconut meringue coated with dessicated coconut, tart mango puree, fresh pineapple all graced with dainty violets.
Overall, the quality and presentation of food was exceptional
Happy :)

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