Alchemy Restaurant

This restaurant lures you in with a majestic evening riverside stroll, passing the gallery of posh Eagle St pier restaurants.

I journeyed here for a second privileged time with my family to celebrate Little Brother’s birthday and was as impressed.

Entree Pasta Marinara – luscious tomato sauce with the heat of chilli with chunky perfectly cooked seafood and bites of tender pasta. Entree of Scallops were medallions of seared scallops with translucent centres.



I ordered the Confit Trout again, Little Brother ordered the Twenty-Four Hour Braised Pork Cheeks with Confit Ginger and Spiced Pork Jus, Mum the Duck Breast with Glazed Fennel, Pernod sauce and Baked Pepper Peaches, Dad the Seared Barramundi with Cannellini Bean Puree, Lemon Vinaigrette and Sauteed Spinach.





My first time here was with Red Macaron where he decided to romance me with a dinner at Alchemy for our anniversary – it was beautiful.

We started the night off with Kilpatrick Oysters – soft sea salt oysters matching the tangy, sweet and crisp bacon; and the Marinated Quail with warm flavours of truffle, cherry and figs.



Then came my Confit Ocean Trout – A deep sea beauty wearing a glistening suit; and as your teeth sink into the delicately soft morsels of trout, it just melts away, with citrusy hints of lemongrass and creamy hollandaise. Red Macaron was more than satisfied with his Chef Special Twenty-Four Hour Red-wine Braised Beef Cheeks.



We couldn’t miss out on dessert – so we ordered the Banana and Rum Souffle with Peanut Butter Ice-cream and Salted Caramel Macaron. This dish perfects the playful contrast of sweet bananas and caramel with the salty peanuts and bitter rum.




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