Madtongsan III – Eight Mile Plains

The famous Madtongsan lives up to its standards at its Southside location in Warrigal Square. The menu boasts a wide variety of delicious classics to variations on the theme- piping hot stone Bi Bim Bap (hot stone bowl rice), tender Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) , crispy Jeon (korean pancake), Bul Go Gi (special marinated meat), salads, kimchi….

We were served  with some tasting bowlsof glazed sweet potato, kimchi and a pasta salad to start. Then our orders came :)

A tantalising chicken Bi Bim Bap – spicy chicken with julienned vegetables and crispy rice.


Nak Ji Dok Bokki – A spicy combination of soft rice cakes, clear noodles and generous serving of assorted seafood – fish cakes, shrimp, large prawns, baby octopus and big mussels.


Bok Eum Jjam Bbong – A similar spicy seafood dish to the one before, but with fresh udon noodles and without rice cakes. (still as delicious)


Head to Madtongsan III at Warrigal Square for a satisfying, authentic Korean meal at a decent price :)

Madtongsan III on Urbanspoon


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