Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine

A new kid’s on the block !

Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine has opened up at Warrigal Square and I’d advise to get in early to beat the food-loving crowd of Sunnybankers eager to try out this new place too.

It’s only a small restaurant with quick meals, but plans are to expand and take over the world (aka next door). Only time will tell :)

Our table had:

The Prawn and Jellyfish Salad: Wow – juicy bites of prawn and jellyfish with fresh green herbs, hits of sour citrus pieces and pickled carrot, the tang of fish sauce, bite of red onions, crispy fried onion. Just texture and flavour in all the right places…


The Prawn Vermicelli Salad: seared prawns were a nice change to the prawn on sugarcane salad. The vegetables were crisp and fresh :)


We also had the classic Pho, which was decent.

All in all, I quite like this place for its fresh additions to the usual Vietnamese menu :)

Rice Paper Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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